Manufacturer’s Description

Powerful Cooling Performance Optimally designed aluminum fins disperse heat away from the CPU via 6 of high performance heatpipes by utilizing I.H.D technology, while the high capacity 120mm Triple fans quickly cools the heatsink for stable operation of high performance CPUs. VFP Dual Heatsink Optimized dual heatsink, applying V.F.P technology, maximized it's performance through dual air-intake structure that increase Air Flow. Composite Heatpipe applied By utilizing Composite Heatpipes, the heat transfer capacity enhanced by 50% compared to the ordinary Sintered-type Heatpipes.

The Specs

Weight 2.20 lbs
Fan Speed 3 x 1200 rpm
Warranty Information 1 Year Limited
Quick Glance
Product Type Cooling Fan/Heatsink
Processor Socket Intel Processors: Core i7 Extreme Core i7 Core i5 Core i3 Core 2 Quad Core 2 Duo Core 2 Extreme Pentium Dual Core Pentium D Pentium 4 Celeron D AMD Processors: LIano Zambezi Phenom II Athlon II Phenom Athlon FX Athlon X2 Athlon Sempron Dual-Core Opteron Opteron
Compatible Device Processor

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