Manufacturer’s Description

The Xeon® X7460 2.66 GHz Quad Core Processor from Dell™ is designed to enhance the performance and the speed of your system. This processor features Direct Connect Architecture which enables virtualization platform efficiency. Incorporated with Virtualization™ technology and Rapid Virtualization Indexing, this processor can accelerate the performance of virtualized applications and improve efficiency of switching among virtual machines. This helps you to host more virtual machines and users per system to maximize the consolidation and power saving benefits of virtualization. This processor features an integrated 16 MB of L2 cache gives the processor core faster access to larger amounts of the data used most often. It is the ideal choice for virtually all of your data demanding or standard enterprise infrastructure applications. This product is a processor upgrade. This product has been tested and validated on Dell systems. It is supported by Dell Technical Support when used with a Dell system.

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