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Scan paper receipts and documents to easily create a digital record and reduce your need for paper. Safely store and effectively organize your digital records. With Paperless, you can select the receipts to email, print, or export to PDF. . Painlessly handle taxes . More and more, the IRS (or other tax authority) is accepting digital copies of your receipts. Paperless makes gathering information for taxes a snap! . Manage flexible spending Put items into a category called Medical or Flexible Spending, then create a Smart Collection to automatically categorize these items. . Store owner¿s manuals. Simply add your owner¿s manuals to a Paperless library and access them at any time with a few quick keystrokes. Scale down legal documents. Many lawyers are moving from the massive amounts of paper they generate to digital storage. Paperless is the perfect solution.. Be ready - just in case! Using Paperless as your digital document management solution before a disaster, can makerecovery from a catastrophe, much easier.

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