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Features: 3 Video Output Mode Playback 2D Full HD movies to 2D/3D TV(only get 2D image) Playback 3D Full HD movies to 3D TV Convert 2D movie to 3D mode and output to 3D TV Gigabit LAN,USB3.0 connection This 3D Full HD Network Media Player supports 10/100/1000 Gigabit networking. In practical terms this means that you can transfer large file between your network and the player at lightening speeds. Comprehensive Networking Support Samba is fully supported both as a client (so you can access Windows networks) and as a host (so you can use the player as a NAS). Performance is much improved on the previous generation and, combined with the lower power usage of the 1186 chipset and the Gigabit LAN, make this 3D Full HD Network Media Player a very viable option as a NAS. This Full HD Network Media Player will connect easily to your iPhone, iPad, or Android device by DLNA to allow streaming of your media to your HDTV. UPnP support allows you to stream content easily from popular PC / MAC applications like Windows Media Player + Hulu. 7.1 Channel HD Audio and Lossless FLAC This 3D Full HD Network Media Player offers total support for all HD-Audio standards. It can downmix or passthrough DTS, DTS-HD MA, True-HD, AC3/Dolby Digital as either RAW or LPCM, and with 7.1 audio selectively down mixed to 5.1 or left alone. Virtually every digital audio format is supported including very high end audio such as 24bit 192Khz FLAC. External USB DVD and Blu-Ray Drive This 3D Full HD Network Media Player supports an attached USB DVD or Blu-Ray drive (Not work with original discs). DVD discs or ISOs will play with full original menus as if you were using a DVD player

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