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Our PureSound Processor Virtually eliminates distortion. Cooler running amplifiers. Brighter mids & highs, clean deep bass. The PureSound Processor is a one-of-a-kind technology developed over 12 years, tested by science and audio experts, has six patents (with more pending) and defies all odds to be the purest sound reproduction device on the market today.No other consumer earphone has a sound processor like the PureSound Processor. The innovation in this tiny piece of technology produces pure, clean, undistorted sound from your phone, mp3, iPod and audio book so you hear everything other earphones leave behind.The PureSound Processor circuit provides an economical solution for achieving perfect phase unity between amplifiers and multiple driver systems. The PureSound Processor is not a crossover, it is a coupling unit. Unlike traditional crossovers, PureSound Processor's patented technology cancels out the Counter EMF and at the same time provides a two way magnetic brake on the voice coil which couple it to the amplifier, therefore allowing it to operate freely with no added distortions allowing for pure sound to enter the system (at Crossover) and pure sound to exit (to the speaker).Why settle for anything but the best? Hear what you've been missing. The Problems in Existing Speaker Performance Lenz Law states: Whenever a magnetic field expands or collapses across a coil of wire, a voltage is created going in the opposite direction to the current that created the magnetic field, also known as Counter EMF.Our goal is to achieve Pure sound in - Pure sound out. No added distortions created from Lenz Law. We did not want to have to color the sound in any way. We believe that an audio professional should be able to color the sound in any way he or she chooses. Yet this cannot be achieved with the present day speaker drivers. We recognize that existing audio reproduction systems are inherently limited by the following fac

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