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The Cisco IDS 4215 sensor is used in the Cisco Intrusion Protection System. This intrusion detection system sensor works in concert with the other components to efficiently protect your data and information infrastructure. With the increased complexity of security threats, achieving efficient network intrusion security solutions is critical to maintaining a high level of protection. Vigilant protection ensures business continuity and minimizes the effect of costly intrusions.Additionally, Cisco's flexible deployment options allow businesses to minimize the total cost of ownership of their IDS deployments by delivering:Unprecedented price/performance ratiosThe ability to simultaneously protect multiple network subnets through the support for multiple sniffing interfaces, thereby delivering up to five sensors in oneA wide array of performance optionsInvestment protection by delivering modular, upgradable componentsSupport for multi-VLAN trafficEmbedded web-based management solutions packaged with the IDS sensors

The Specs

Additional Specifications
Firewall Protection Protocol Anomaly Detection
Temperature -13F (-25C) to 158F (70C) Non-operating
Category Concentrators
Frequency Band This 80-Mbps performance for the Cisco IDS 4215 is based on the following conditions:800 new TCP connections per second800 HTTP transactions per secondAverage packet size of 445 bytesRunning Cisco IDS 4.0 Sensor SoftwareAdvanced protection algorithms:Stateful pattern recognitionProtocol parsingHeuristic detectionAttack protection:Sweeps or floodsWorms or virusesCommon gateway interface (CGI) or WWW attacksBuffer overflow protectionRemote-procedure call (RPC) attack detectionIP fragmentation attacksInternet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) attacksSimple Message Transfer Protocol (SMTP), Sendmail, Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP), or Post Office Protocol (POP) attacksFile Transfer Protocol (FTP), Secure Shell Protocol (SSH), Telnet, and rlogin attacksDomain Name System (DNS) attacksTCP hijacksWindows or NetBios attacksTCP application protectionBackOrifice attacksNetwork Timing Protocol (NTP) attacksCustomizable signatures using Signature Micro-Engine technologyAutomated signature updatesAlarm summarizationSupport for 802.1q trafficP2P / file sharing detection techniquesSecure communication:IP Security (IPSec) or Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) between sensor and management consoleEncrypted signature packagesSSH for remote administrationSerial Control Protocol (SCP) support for secure file transferIDS evasion protection:IP fragmentation re-assemblyTCP stream re-assemblyUnicode deobfuscationFailure detection:Monitoring link failure detectionCommunications failure detectionServices failure detectionDevice failure detectionActive notification actions:Alarm displayE-mail alertsE-page alertsCustomizable script executionMultiple alarm destinationsThird-party tool integrationIDS active update bulletins
Product Series 4200
Management Administration: Web user interface (Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol [HTTPS]) Command-line interface (CLI) (console) CLI (Telnet or SSH) CiscoWorks VPN Security Management Solution (VMS) support HTTP Telnet
Brand Name Cisco
Thermal Dissipation 410 BTU/h @ 65 W
Total Number of Ports 2
Functionality Intrusion Detection
Shipping Weight 17.50 lb
Number of Total Expansion Slots 2
Humidity 5 to 95% Non-condensing Relative Humidity Non-operating
Product Model 4215
Class Network Hardware
Management Port Yes
Power Consumption 65 W
Compatible Rack Unit 1U
Manageable Yes
Input Current 1.50 A
Number of Network (RJ-45) Ports 2
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