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DEMAND THAT ALL COMPETING VENDORS SUPPLY EXACTLY THE POWER SUPPLY ADVERTISED. DON'T LET THEM TELL YOU THAT YOU ARE GETTING SOMETHING "BETTER", "UPGRADED", OR "HIGHER QUALITY". FSP FSP200-50PLA 200W Power Supply for Shuttle XPC SK21G, SB51G, SB51GB, SB52G2, SB61G2, SS51G, SS51G1, SS50C, SV24, SV25, FV25, SN45G, SK41G, SN41G2, SN41G2B, SS40G, SK41GPFC, SS56G, SB62G2, SB65G2, SB75G2, SK43G, ST61G4, SB83G5, SB83G5C, SB77G5, SS58G2, SS51G1(v2.0), SS56L, SN95G5, SB86i, SB95P, SD31P, SN25P, SB81P, SK83, SK83G, ST20G5, SN85G, SB61G, SD30G2, PS-X200W, PC40, PC50, Achme AM611BS15S, AM618BS15S, AM630BS20S, ElanVital EVN-1355A, EVN-1216, Enhance ENP-2322B-G, ENP-0812A, ENP-0615B, ENP-0615B-G, FSP FSP180-50PLA1, FSP180-50PLA, FSP200-50PLA, FSP200-50PLA2, FSP150-50PL, FSP150-50PL1R, SOLTEK EQ2000, EQ3701M, Sparkle, TGR, Tiger Power TG-1201, TG-1204

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Parent Retsku B001I2HT5I
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