Manufacturer’s Description

The PS-1216U is a GDI print server that lets you share a GDI or a normal printer to all connected PCs through your wired network. GDI printers have a built-in support for Windows Graphical Device Interface (GDI) that eliminates the conversion of the print output from Windows to another format such as PostScript or PCL language. GDI printers are sometimes called host-based printers because they rely on the host computer to rasterize pages. Because of such, almost none of the print servers in the market can support GDI printer network sharing. The PS-1216U GDI print server implements a special technology which allows it to communicate with the GDI printer as if it is connected directly to your computer. With this feature, the GDI printer is easily shared device and you don't need to worry about the compatibility with the GDI printers anymore.

The Specs

Additional Specifications
Cable Connectors RJ-45|USB
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