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Keep your sensitive information out of the wrong hands with DriveScrubber® from Iolo Technologies®. The DriveScrubber make sure you arenâ??t giving away more than you bargained for before selling, donating or reassigning your PC. Reformatting or deleting files isnâ??t enough; even basic programs can easily retrieve information even after formatting. DriveScrubber wipes drives using military standards for secure data removal so even the most sophisticated methods canâ??t recover it. Moreover it also lets you wipe only free drive space, and is perfect for cleaning up after stubborn virus or spyware attacks. Additionally any number of attached drives can be batch-wiped in one complete, unattended process, and all wiping procedures can be paused, cancelled, and resumed. Packed with all these features and more DriveScrubber is an easy-to-use interface and a must buy for your PC.

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