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CleanMy Mac & PC is one of the best and easiest to use cleaning solutions on the market for your OS. It consists of CleanMyMac for Macs & CleanMyPC for Windows based computers. CleanMyMac is the ultimate tool to keep your Mac clean and healthy. It has everything you need to remove all the unnecessary files on your system and enhance its speed and performance. Its main cleaning algorithm helps remove outdated caches and logs, unneeded languages, applications and system junk and files that slow down your computer. Additional built-in utilities make uninstalling applications, widgets and extensions easier and more effective. What makes CleanMyMac the best cleaning solution for the Mac user is the fact that it knows which files should remain untouched and what can be removed without affecting system performance, applications and personal files. CleanMyMac guarantees that after the first clean-up the user's drive will be free of clutter. In no time your computer will be working faster and more efficiently. CleanMyPC is a high quality, easy-to-use software utility designed according to the strict standards of Microsoft. It takes the best from its Mac brother: performs routine checks, removes clutter from your hard drive to ensure that your computer is working at its optimum speed and performance. It is not a secret a fresh Windows installation runs significantly faster, but as you use your computer on a day to day basis the system accumulates unneeded files and slows down. CleanMyPC works by analysing the hard drive, identifying files that are safe to remove. Only “safe" files from the verified database will be removed. Critical System files, recent backups and other similar items are excluded from Scan and Clean. In addition to cleaning features, CleanMyPC comes with a set of built-in utilities such as Secure Erase, Complete Uninstall, Registry Cleanup, Autorun, Gadgets and Extensions Manager which help to keep your computer fast, clean and working like new.

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Parent Retsku B0074YY85I
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