Manufacturer’s Description

The 551R supports all the latest codecs such as Dolby TrueHD and DTS HD Master Audio and it's (4) HDMI 1.4 inputs / 1 out / make it fully compatible with 3DTV. Additionally a Faroudja 1080P video scaler vastly improves performance from lower resolution DVD's and TV broadcasts. An HDMI bypass mode allows the user to engage or disengage the scaler thus avoiding the negative effects of double-scaling when dealing with an already high resolution signal such as one from a Blu-Ray player.Furthermore, the 551R includes a host of processing and adjustment features such as:Individual crossover adjustment and bass managementlip sync adjustmentDolby Dynamic range controlDTS-HD re-map - the Cambridge Audio Microphone Controlled set-up (CAM CAS) that allows you to tailor the 551R's performance to any room.Perhaps the most surprising feature of the 551R is its diminutive size - made possibile by the X-Tract cooling systrm that combines forced cooling and natural convection.

The Specs

Color Black
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