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Drive the tow truck yourself in narrow streets with Towing Simulator from N3V Games. You are the owner of a large, very unpopular parking area and an armada of breakdown trucks for large as well as small vehicles. Also, with this kind of work you can make good money, because car owners have to pay a pretty penny to redeem their car. So it's high time to get on the gravy train. But watch out, while driving the tow truck yourself and in narrow streets car body damage happens too easily; such incidents are not only annoying but also expensive. Moreover, only those who get their job done quickly and accident-free can expand their business. So be ready to get the real life towing experience.Usage rights vary by product and may be subject to additional restrictions. Product images displayed are for illustration purposes only. No physical materials or documentation will be distributed with electronic software downloads from our site. Dell's Terms and Conditions of Sale apply.

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