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Based on the motto do not just watch - participate, the Bungee Jumping simulator from N3V Games offers countless venues from the ordinary crane above bridges and dams to buildings and even hot-air-balloons. With the increasing degree of difficulty and experience of the player the jumps take place in ever higher positions. Also, those who show the most beautiful jumps and even perform combos (sequences) will be rewarded with high ratings. An additional fat bonus can be racked if you go for a touchdown, where you slightly touch the ground or water. Plus, in higher levels you even have to determine the cord type and the length of it yourself. Moreover, the game provides a global highscore list due to which players can compete in all classes with their remote competitors. The motivation doesnt dwindle, as there are daily, weekly, monthly and eternal highscore lists. All these feature andmore make the Bungee Jumping Simulator an ideal choice for the people who love adventure sports. Usage rights vary by product and may be subject to additional restrictions. Product Images displayed are for illustration purposes only. No Physical materials or documentation will be distributed with electronic software downloads from our site. Dell's Terms and Conditions of sale apply.

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