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The IR Repeater kit is Easy to Install - 1. place the Receiver in your desired location. You can attach it to the location with the included double sided tape if you wish. 2. Place the IR emitters on devices that you want to control. (Place them on the IR window on the devices) by peeling and sticking the emitters on the device. 3. Plug the target into the IR receiver jack on the compact IR repeater and plug the dual head IR emitters into emitter jack of the controller 4. Mount the hidden controller in cabinet with the electronics and plug it in you are done. Working with Plasma and LCD Displays Although not designed to reject interference from plasma or LCD TVs, you can work around this by installing the IR receiver eye in an area that isn't exposed directly to the TV screen - at the back of a bookshelf, on the wall below or next to the TV - somewhere the eye can't "see" the TV image. Just make sure you still have a direct line of sight from the eye to your normal seating position. The Hidden IR System can be used in a room with a plasma TV or LCD display by installing the IR receiver in an area where it can't "see" the TV image - behind the TV or in a bookcase, for example. Additional information - Keep your home theater devices behind closed cabinet or closet doors, even when they're in use. The compact All-in-One IR System makes sure that all of your A/V components receive the commands sent from your existing IR remote controls, even without line-of-sight access. A small receiver can be placed near your television or mounted somewhere around your equipment cabinet, and this system will deliver your commands to up to 4 individual home theater components. It's easy - This home theater accessory is so easy to use; it sets up in minutes and requires no drilling or rewiring. Your friends will think you had a pro install it!

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Parent Retsku B001BI1EP0
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