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Caution: Please DO check these 3 points to avoid buying wrongly!!! 1, DO check your laptop model to make sure it belongs to these models (If the suffix is not identical as listed, pls contact us so that we may guide you to the correct listing) => --- HP Pavilion DV6-6118NR, DV6-6158NR, DV6-6152NR, DV6-6170US, DV6-6C10US, DV6-6C40US --- HP Pavilion DV6-6C54NR, DV6-6137TX, DV6-6B51EA, DV6-6180US, DV6-6B21HE, DV6-6B13TX --- HP Pavilion DV6-6138NR, DV6-6B27NR, DV6-6C15NR, DV6-6C14NR, DV6-6117DX, DV6-6190US --- HP Pavilion DV6-6120US, DV6-6136NR, DV6-6128NR, DV6-6104NR, DV6-6173CL, DV6-6C50US --- HP Pavilion DV6-6172NR, DV6-6C16NR, DV6-6B26US, DV6-6140US, DV6-6110US, DV6-6108US, DV6-6153CL --- Can NOT fit any DV7 ! ! ! ! ! 2, DO check your "enter" key. If your "enter" key looks like "7", our skin can't fit. 3, Do contact us for the color you need after you purchase it in 10 munites. If not, we will ship a random color. 9 colors: black, green, purple, reddish pink, light pink, blue, yellow, white and clear.

The Specs

Additional Specifications
Material Type Silicone
Device Type Keyboard
Parent Retsku B00KT8KXA0
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