Don't-Miss Antivirus software Stories

Haute Secure (64-bit version)

Block known malicious Web sites from displaying in Firefox or Internet Explorer.

Symantec Norton 360 Version 2.0 Software Suite

Security suite covers all the bases in an easy-to-use package, but doesn't ace PC protection.

Trojan Remover

Kill Trojans and other malware if your anti-virus software can't do it.


Kill viruses and get real-time anti-virus protection


Spyware running rampant? Cut off every exit with this many-armed defender.

Windows Live OneCare

This product has been discontinued; see "Microsoft Security Essentials" for its replacement.

Die, Spyware, Die!

Take a look inside our review of Vista antispyware products.

AVG Anti-Rootkit

The free AVG Anti-Rootkit is designed to protect you. It does one thing, and one thing alone: finds and kills rootkits.

Vista's New Security and Networking Features

A look at the new Security Center, Sync Center, and more.