Don't-Miss BlackBerry Phone Stories

BlackBerry Style: Fun Design, Unimpressive Features

The compact BlackBerry Style is ideal for heavy messagers who don’t want a light handset, but photo junkies may be disappointed with the mediocre camera.


BlackBerry Torch Will Please RIM Fans, But Few Others

The BlackBerry Torch 9800, running the new BlackBerry 6 OS, may have a revamped user interface, but is it good enough in a competitive smartphone market?


BlackBerry Torch 9800: Excellent Design, Middling Performance

The Torch smartphone successfully delivers a design that is both innovative and familiar to BlackBerry users, but its performance and features aren’t quite up to par.


Hands On: BlackBerry 6 OS

BlackBerry 6 OS has some much-needed improvements and overall refinement, but it still feels a bit dated and stale against the competition.

RIM BlackBerry Bold 9700 (T-Mobile) Smartphone

Hands-down the best BlackBerry available, the Bold 9700 packs a multitude of features into a sophisticated, slimmed-down design.


RIM BlackBerry Storm 2 (Verizon) Smartphone

The BlackBerry Storm 2 is an overall improvement from its predecessor, but SureType still feels a bit unintuitive.


BlackBerry Tour 9630 Smartphone Just Misses the Mark

The Tour 9630 melds the best of the RIM BlackBerry Bold and BlackBerry Curve 8900 into one slick package.

RIM BlackBerry Tour 9630 (Verizon) Smartphone

The BlackBerry Tour 9630 delivers the best of the Bold and of the Curve 8900, but it lacks one vital feature: Wi-Fi.


The BlackBerry Bold's Stunning Design

The BlackBerry Bold almost lives up to its name with a stunning design, but its mediocre call quality and camera hold it back.


BlackBerry Bold (Unlocked)

The BlackBerry Bold sports a revamped design and interface, but it falls short in other areas.


RIM BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 Smart Phone

BlackBerry users finally get a good-looking clamshell, but the keyboard and other features fall short.


RIM BlackBerry Curve 8320

Voice-over-Wi-Fi feature makes an excellent phone even better.