Don't-Miss Productivity Stories

Tomboy: Powerful, and Free, Database for Notes

Tomboy is a freeform database for text notes, with support for rich formatting and links.

Track Billable Hours (On the Cheap) With TogglDesktop

Toggl is a simple, cross-platform time tracking solution for individuals and groups.

Identify Twitter Trends With Quantum Leap Buzz's Pattern-Based Analytics

Quantum Leap Buzz lets you dig deeper on Twitter to find out what all the buzz is about.

Back Up Your Online Files With SocialFolders

Free SocialFolders makes it easy to create offline copies of your online data.

Zim: Your Own Personal Desktop Wiki

Zim is a fast, free, and easy desktop wiki application for managing information.

Possibly The World's Best Desktop Calendar: VueMinder Pro

VueMinder Pro is a powerful desktop calendar with online sync capabilities.

Store and Organize Ideas and Info With Web-Based Springpad

Springpad is a free service for saving and categorizing information, with rich parsing abilities.

Givit Enables Private Video Sharing

The Givit app steps you through capturing and sending video, and then stores it securely and limits viewing to people you select.

CloudMagic Brings Swift Gmail/Twitter Search to iOS and Android Apps

CloudMagic's super-speedy search has gone mobile, in the form of apps for iOS and Android devices.

Hands-On: Adobe Photoshop Touch for the iPad 2

Photoshop fans have been waiting a long time for something akin to Photoshop for the iPad. Now that it's here, how well does it work? Twitter App for Ashton Kutcher Fans

Ashton Kutcher is the name behind--and plastered all over--this free, third-party Twitter app.

Manage Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter With Sobees Desktop

Sobees Desktop is still in beta, and it shows, but this social media manager shows plenty of promise, too.

Manage Twitter and Facebook Accounts With TweetDeck

A longtime favorite of Twitter power users, TweetDeck provides a comprehensive set of management tools.