Don't-Miss Productivity Stories

Amazon Kindle for Android

Kindle for Android provides another way to access and read your purchased Amazon Kindle e-books, but it lacks key features and is awkward to set up.

Review: Free Remote-Access Tools for Windows and Mac

The best free tools combine firewall friendliness with easy remote access and an amazing array of handy features.

Can You Really Replace Microsoft Exchange with Google Apps Premier?

Google promises 99.9 percent uptime at only $50 per year per user. An IT admin makes the switch from Microsoft to see how it really works -- with mixed results.


ZumoDrive for Android provides a decent set of features to extend the functionality of this online backup and file-sharing service, but it lacks features found in the desktop client and Web interface.

Review: WordPress 3.0 Adds Better Customization and Multisite Networks

The new version of WordPress includes useful new features for both single-site bloggers and organizational admins.

Qik Video

Qik Video is a good way to live-stream video when you have a good data connection, but it has some annoying configuration and sharing bugs.

Top 10 Office 2010 Features for Business

From powerful productivity enhancers to important security safeguards, the new Microsoft Office has a number of features that businesses will love.

Microsoft Office Web Apps: Limited, Mediocre, Dismal

Web-based editions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote are underwhelming at best.

Layar Reality Browser

This augmented-reality app is fun, useful for local search and just plain cool.

7 Would-Be Facebook Replacements: How They Rate

If you want to join the Facebook diaspora, there are a bunch of would-be alternatives. But are they ready yet?

The Best Netbooks For Business, Entertainment, Battery Life and More

Check out our choices from Asus, Lenovo, Gateway, and HP for the best netbooks for battery life, entertainment, business, design, and your wallet.


Office 2010 Review: Inside Microsoft's Newest Suite

Web-based apps and robust collaboration tools in Microsoft's new Office suite give users good reasons to upgrade.

How to Move Your Business to Cloud Computing

Make your workflow easier and more efficient with Web-based computing, whether you decide to use the cloud full time or part time.