Don't-Miss Productivity Stories

Review: OmniPage Ultimate 19 talks the talk, walks the walk

New text-to-speech features plus a Metro-style utility and PDF forms take OmniPage where it's never been before. Already a top OCR program, the Ultimate version is good for workgroups, but overkill (and pricey) for those with little need.

Review: LibreOffice 4 liberates you from Microsoft Office

LibreOffice is a competitive alternative to Microsoft Office that is extensible, highly compatible, highly configurable, and free.

Review: Free and portable Briss cuts PDFs down to size

Snip away the unwanted parts of your PDFs with Briss. It's free, portable, and open-source.

Review: Debenu PDF Tools lets you change PDFs for free

The Debenu PDF Tools menu has a variety of useful features even in the free edition.

Review: NewsBlur is a worthy, powerful Google Reader replacement

Web-based RSS reader NewsBlur is one man's labor of love, but has features and polish that many established players could envy.

Review: Inky is a half-baked yet delicious email client for your PC desktop

Inky is a different take on desktop email clients, with multiple-user support, sophisticated sorting capabilities, and a flexible interface. It still has some bugs to smooth out.

Review: Dragon Notes lets you try out Nuance's speech recognition engine at low cost

Dragon Notes bills itself as a sticky-note app with voice recognition, but really, it's little more than a demo for Nuance's voice recognition prowess.

Review: Emcee tries to bring Mission Control to Windows 8

With snappy previews that treat Modern apps as first-class citizens and clever window tiles, there's a lot to like in Emcee. Sadly, a couple of critical shortcomings keep it from becoming a truly useful everyday tool.

Review: Tweetro+ is a perfect mash-up between Twitter and Modern interface

Tweetro+ is a touch-optimized Twitter client for Windows 8's Modern interface that manages to make the best of a controversial platform and deliver the goods.

Review: Springpad serves as your virtual personal assistant

Springpad makes it easy to save, share, and organize your digital information. This free service lets you "spring" information from the Web, photos, notes, and more, and organize it into notebooks that you can share if you'd like.

Review: PDF Stacks organizes large amounts of PDFs into an email-like interface

PDF Stacks makes it very easy to find anything within your PDF collection. It will not, however, replace your PDF reader and other research tools.

Review: Appealing GDoc Binder is like a loose-leaf notebook for the digital age

Remember when project documents arrived in neatly organized tabbed notebooks? GDoc Binder lets you create, distribute and edit the digital equivalent of a loose-leaf notebook for a very modest fee.

Review: Collaborate on presentations with Google Slides

If you're already using Google Drive at work, there's no need to turn to PowerPoint. This free Chrome app lets you and your colleagues craft presentations together (without saving over each other's work).