Don't-Miss Productivity Stories

Master your tasks: The 10 best to-do list apps

Get more done in less time, and share tasks with your team. Here are the top to-do list and note-taking apps.

Review: Classic Shell brings the Start menu to Windows 8 for free

Classic Shell's no-frills visual style and ample customization options make it easy to get the Start menu just the way you like it, even if you're using Windows 8. Blazing-fast live search, customizable Start buttons, and more – all for free.

Managing data trash: 6 tools to improve privacy and free space

Forgotten downloads and temporary files can add up fast, consuming drive space and compromising your privacy. It's time to think beyond the Recycle Bin with a new echelon of waste management utilities.

Review: Dragon NaturallySpeaking lets you take your hands off the keyboard

Despite a steep price tag and somewhat clunky extras, Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium offers top-of-the-line speech recognition for speedy, accurate dictation. It feels like science fiction.

Review: Robobasket sorts your files according to your specs

You configure file handling rules for Robobasket, then set it loose to enforce them on your messy folders and create order. It works well as long as you're careful with how you set it up.

Review: SortMyBox tidies up messy Dropbox folders

SortMyBox requires a great deal of trust in those with whom you share your folders, and it's useful only if you place all incoming files in its SortMyBox folder. If your team is good at following rules, though, it this service could make your DropBox folders easier to navigate.

Review: DropIt organizes your Downloads folder

Free and open-source utility DropIt can transform your Downloads folder from an unruly jungle of files to a clutter-free zone. It takes some to define the rules, but once they're set, the automatic sorting is a big time-saver.

Review: Axon Idea Processor's awkward interface hinders its productivity-boosting goal

Axon Idea Processor is a complex product with many potential uses and some frustrating flaws. Though versatile and potentially powerful, its steep learning curve and many bugs require more patience than someone buying a time-saving product is likely to have.

Three new features coming in Linux Mint 15

The Cinnamon 1.8 desktop, for instance, will feature fresh applets and desktop widgets.

Review: Add life to Facebook fan and business pages with Heyo Social

Heyo Social offers an inexpensive and (mostly) easy way to add tabs to your Facebook fan pages. The tools are a little finicky, but the results look professional.

Review: MyShelf offers Evernote-like functionality, without the cloud

MyShelf may not be as pretty as Evernote, but it's a note-taking app that doesn't need the cloud.

End mind-numbing repetition with these 5 powerful PC automation tools

If you find yourself doing a lot of repetitive computer work, you're doing it wrong. Working with software should be a joy, not an effort, and these tools can help you make it so.

Review: Museo Slab font conveys modernity without flightiness

Slab serif typeface Museo Slab looks up-to-date and rock-solid at the same time. The regular and Italic 500 versions are free, and many other weight are available for purchase.