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SXSW Festival: Top Five New Apps from Austin

The best apps I saw here are social, location-aware, useful and entertaining. And pretty geeky.

DoorStop X Security Suite 2.3

A firewall by its very definition is, "any barrier that is intended to thwart the spread of a destructive agent." When it comes to your Mac, that "destructive...

Advanced Antivirus

Hackers have shown that they can plant their malware even on mainstream sites--proving that you need antivirus protection now more than ever. We lab-tested eleven top security programs to find the best guardians for your PC.

Firefox 3.5 is a Solid Upgrade

Firefox 3.5 includes some great new features and improvements, including private browsing and geo-location.

The Hottest Smartphones of Summer Battle It Out

We delved into four of the hottest phones available this summer--the Apple iPhone 3GS, the Nokia N97, the Palm Pre, and the T-Mobile myTouch 3G--to see how their hardware and software stacked up.


G-Data Internet Security 2010

This little-known suite takes top honors in our midyear roundup.

Securing the Desktop: Eight Internet Security Suites

In the fast-evolving arena of online threats and defenses, our midyear roundup includes security suites from around the world.

CheckPoint ZoneAlarm Extreme Security 8.0

ZoneAlarm Extreme gives you a lot of useful security features and protection for the money.

AVG Internet Security 8.5

AVG stays within its core competencies to deliver a strong suite.

PC Tools Internet Security

Despite good heuristics, PC Tools Internet Security missed two Conficker variations.

Comodo Internet Security Pro 3.8

Comodo's new suite shows promise, but still lacks a few protections.

8 Great Free Security Tools

Great PC Protection With Free Antivirus, AntiSpyware and Firewalls Programs

Encrypted Drives Keep Your Files Safe

In the war against lost or stolen information, these secure, portable drives are the special forces.