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Store info, e-mail it, or pop it up with a timer with this sticky notes program.

Duplicate Remover for Excel Removes Repeated Data

Remove duplicate entries from Microsoft Excel worksheets with add-in Duplicate Remover for Excel.

Take Control of Microsoft Office's Ribbon With Ribbon Helper for Office

Save clicks on the Ribbon with the Ribbon Helper for Office add-in.

Navigate Office Documents Freely--And Free of Charge--With Office Tab Free

This free plug-in adds tabs to Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and Word.

Put Sticky Notes on Windows--And Sync With Simplenote--With GumNotes

Sticky-note application GumNotes lets you affix notes to specific windows and synchronizes with Simplenote.

Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office Unites Office With Google Docs

Combine the power of Microsoft Office with Google Docs with the free Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office.

Power Up Microsoft Office With These Add-Ins

Why just work in Office when Office can work harder for you? These ten downloads cure several Office frustrations and improve your productivity.

Maingear EX-L 15 Gaming Laptop Review: A Hefty, High-Performance Mobile System

Maingear builds a GeForce GTX 485 GPU into a second-generation Core i7 system. The result should please gamers on the go.


CompanionLink for Outlook

Synchronize contacts, calendar information, and tasks between Outlook and Google.

Slideboxx Prime

Search through PowerPoint presentations quickly.

Duplicate Remover for Excel

Remove duplicate entries in Excel worksheets.

Ribbon Helper for Office

Why click the Ribbon when you can just mouse over tabs to bring the Ribbon Tabs to the front?

Advanced Office Password Recovery Home

Recover lost or forgotten passwords to Microsoft Office applications.