Don't-Miss Storage & Networking Stories

QNAP TurboNAS TS-259 Pro+: A Speedy NAS Enclosure for Home and Office

This pricey 2-bay NAS enclosure packs in features for home and office use, and it's fast, too.

Make Your Own NAS Box

Choose your own hard drives to add to these network-attached storage boxes.

Synology DiskStation DS411slim: Compact, Speedy 4-Bay Network-Attached Storage

This good-performing NAS enclosure is parsimonious in its power usage and fits in tight spaces.

Hands On With the Cisco Cius Tablet

Cisco aims to transform how you work and collaborate with its new tablet, the Cius.

Pogoplug Software Streams Files (Poorly) to Mobile Devices

The maker of Pogoplug hardware is offering a free download to stream music, movies and more to other PCs and mobile devices.

First Look at Windows Azure

There's "the cloud" and then there's Windows Azure.

The Storage Specs That Matter

Don't know what "no-touch ramp load technology" is? Don't worry. There are only a few things that are really important when you're choosing a hard drive or NAS device and they're pretty easy to understand.

Sprint 3G/4G MiFi: Great Potential, Erratic Performance

Sprint's newest Novatel Wi-Fi mobile hotspot lets several people share a single mobile broadband account, but its highly touted 4G performance proved erratic in our tests.

T-Mobile 4G Hotspot: Svelte and Speedy

About the size of a small cell phone, T-Mobile's 4G Hotspot fell somewhat short of delivering the speeds it promised, but it's fairly reliable, has good battery life, and lets you choose between several types of plans.

HTC ThunderBolt Smartphone Brings Real 4G Speed to Verizon

The HTC ThunderBolt connects to Verizon’s 4G LTE network at lightning-fast speeds, making this impressive piece of hardware useful for those who routinely run high-bandwidth apps.

Samsung Droid Charge: Verizon 4G Phone is Fast, Frustrating

The Samsung Droid Charge for Verizon offers a nice AMOLED display and fast LTE downloads, but you'll have to deal with iffy battery life, a cluttered UI, and a clunky design.

D-Link PowerLine AV 4-Port Switch (DHP-346AV)

A simple, inexpensive way to extend your network