Don't-Miss Component Stories

Toshiba Satellite M505-S4940 All-Purpose Laptop

Though it has awesome audio and decent video, the M505's slick looks won't fool many – it's a budget box.


nVidia 200M GPUs: 'Twice the Power, Half the Battery Drain'

Nvidia announces new GPUs that'll appear in notebooks soon -- and offer twice the power of last-gen GPUs. Is it too good to be true?

Better Together: Wi-Fi and Powerline Networking

By combining a Wi-Fi router and powerline equipment, you pair the convenience and mobility of wireless with a dependable way to stream video or save files to a network drive. Our tests reveal the best of both kinds of gear.

ViewSonic VX2433wm

The ViewSonic VX2433wm is a widescreen, 24-inch LCD monitor made with multimedia in mind. With its HDMI input, fast 2ms pixel response time, built-in speakers...

HP LP2475w

HP's LP2475w is a feature-packed 24-inch widescreen LCD that looks great, too. This moderately priced display hits all the right buttons.

Samsung SyncMaster 245T

The Samsung SyncMaster 245T is a 24-inch LCD with multiple inputs and a flexible design. And though washed out at default settings, a little tweaking helped the...

The Top 50- to 55-Inch HDTVs

Looking for a big new HDTV for spring? Consider these six PC World-tested TVs.


Overclocked Mega Gaming PCs

The Falcon NorthWest Mach V and Hardcore Computer's Reactor are two of the fastest and most interesting overclocked gaming desktops we've ever seen at PC World.

New nVidia Platform Promises to Speed Up Netbooks

By combining Intel's Atom processor and nVidia's GPU, the Ion platform can bring decent gaming and video performance to typically underpowered netbooks.

Hands-On With the nVidia Ion Platform

Yes, you can play games--and 1080p video--on a desktop the size of your palm.


NVidia GTX 295: Hands-On

This pricey new reference board for graphics cards delivers on speed as promised, but also stumbles in a couple of games due to early driver issues.

Dell XPS 625 Desktop PC

The Dell XPS 625 is a strong Phenom II-based desktop PC, but if you're willing to spend an extra hundred bucks or so, you can get even more for your money.

Maingear Dash Desktop PC

Maingear's Dash minitower desktop PC packs an overclocked Phenom II CPU and provides excellent graphics performance.