Don't-Miss Hardware Stories

Motorola's Droid 2 Needs a Better User Interface and Camera

While the Motorola Droid 2 ships with latest version of Android and has an improved design, the phone's proprietary Motoblur interface gets in the way of a few native Android apps. Also, the camera is mediocre.


Price Fight: Xbox 360 with Kinect vs. PlayStation 3 with Move

Microsoft's Xbox 360 bundled with Kinect takes on Sony's PlayStation 3 bundled with PlayStation Move. Who wins?

HP's Competitively Priced Pavilion DV6 Laptop is Attractively Stylish

If you're in the market for a fully-loaded, competitively-priced laptop, HP's Pavilion DV6 deserves a close look.


Samsung's New Android Phones: The Vibrant and The Captivate

Samsung releases two sparkling Android smartphones that are almost identical: The Vibrant on T-Mobile and the Captivate on AT&T.


Smartphone Multitasking: iOS4 vs. Android

With the release of iOS4, Apple has finally implemented multitasking.


Choosing the Best Pocket Megazoom Camera

We take a look at five of the top contenders and make recommendations based on whether you want the newest features, a huge zoom, ease of use, and more...


NewerTech NuGuard Clear

Newer Technology's NuGuard Clear case isn't an iPad sleeve, and it certainly isn't an iPad bag. Rather, it's a clear, rigid, polycarbonate shell that snaps...

40 Cool Gadgets for a Hot Summer

Whether you're hitting the road or staying close to home, we have the perfect gear for you, including cameras, GPS devices, phones, and more.


The HP 200 All-in-One PC: Great for Video in Small Spaces

The HP 200 All-in-One PC's standout feature is its bright and attractive 1080p high-def screen.


Toshiba Mini N410 Netbook: Good Looks, Average Performance

The Toshiba NB305-N410 is a basic netbook with solid specs, but its chiclet-style keyboard is a bit of a disappointment.


Hands on With the iPad: First Impressions

Macworld took possession of an iPad today, and we've been poring over it, taking photos and screen shots, trying it out...

Ion Audio Tape 2 PC

At last count, the Facebook page "When I was younger I would record my favorite songs off the radio onto tape" had more than 875,000 fans. That says something...

19 Weird but Real Gadgets and Gizmos

Take a walk on tech's wild side with some of the strangest, most original, and most bizarre gadgets you've ever seen. We've got vacuums for your lawn, swimwear that can charge your iPod, and grenades that don't explode but still go boom.

Lenovo ThinkPad Line Adds an Ultraportable:The Thinkpad Edge

The new ThinkPad Edge marks the first significant change to the look and feel of the line in years, but thankfully, it retains almost everything you love about these business laptops.


Sound Blaster World of Warcraft Wireless Headset: Not Just for WoW Fans

Creative’s new themed headset is one of the best gaming headsets we’ve ever used.