Don't-Miss Desktop Stories

HP TouchSmart 520: Great Performance, Great Value

This is a real deal: an excellent performer with premium specs for less than $1400.

Dell Inspiron One 2320: Solid Performance, With Some Compromises

This competitively priced 23-inch AIO is a solid performer, but it has an inaccurate touchscreen and a cheap-looking build.

HP TouchSmart 620 3D: 3D Falls Flat

HP's first 3D all-in-one leaves much to be desired; big 3D fans may want to wait.

Best Budget All-in-One PCs (Under 23 Inches)

With screen sizes ranging between 18 and 21.6 inches, these all-in-ones offer a complete PC package without cramping your desk--or your budget.

AVADirect X79 Silent Gaming PC: Power in a Quiet, Expensive Package

The AVADirect Silent Gaming System is a speedy, powerful, and pricey machine in a quiet package.

HP TouchSmart 620 Adds 3D to an All-in-One PC

HP's TouchSmart 620 3D Edition all-in-one PC boasts upgraded specs, a Blu-ray player, a TV tuner, and a sliding design that lets you use it as a massive tablet.


Primordial Computers Satyr: Benchmarks Crushed, Wallets Merely Maimed

This is the perfect machine for tinkerers: It's cheap(ish), and it's got a huge, roomy case.

Polywell AIO-H6100AA: All-in-One PC Is All Work, No Play

This all-in-one desktop delivers category-leading performance, but is saddled by lackluster entertainment options.

Graphics Cards: Choose the Best Board for Your Budget

Shopping for a graphics card? You have a lot to pick from. We tested the cream of the crop from AMD and Nvidia to help you find a graphics card that fits your needs.

Toshiba DX1215: Decent Performance and a Gorgeous Display

The excellent, gorgeous touchscreen is a pretty good reason to buy.

HP Pavilion Elite H8-1010: Lost in the Mainstream-Desktop Crowd

In a category flush with speed demons and value-oriented media machines, HP’s latest desktop seems a bit dull.

Micro Express MicroFlex 68B: One of the Best Values Gets Better

This mainstream desktop is low on price, and high on just about everything else. Talk about a Sandy Bridge system to beat!

Lenovo ThinkCentre 91z: A Stylish, Business-Savvy Sprinter

This sleek business all-in-one boasts excellent performance.