Don't-Miss Desktop Stories

21.5- and 27-inch iMacs (Mid 2011)

Last week, Apple updated its iconic line of iMac desktop computers with technologies first introduced in February with the MacBook Pro. At the heart of the new iMacs are new Intel processors and new device connectivity, both of which provide the new iMacs with welcomed speed boosts.


Best Budget All-in-One PCs (Under 23 Inches)

With screen sizes ranging between 18 and 21.6 inches, these all-in-ones offer a complete PC package without cramping your desk--or your budget.

Gateway FX6850-51U: A Strong Performer Gets Lost in the Crowd

Its low price and solid benchmark results are great, but the Gateway FX6850-51U ultimately fails to stand out in a crowded pack.

Sony VAIO VPC L218FX: An All-in-One Desktop That’s Made of Gold

You pay a pretty penny for near-perfection. Little about Sony’s VAIO VPC L218FX all-in-one is disappointing, save for its price.

iBuyPower Chimera XLC: Untapped Potential Keeps a Beast at Bay

A great case and premium components make for an imposing machine, but its timid overclocking prevents the Chimera XLC from leading the Performance PC pack.

HP TouchSmart 610 Quad: Premium Performance at a Premium Price

Outstanding general performance and an excellent touchscreen help the TouchSmart 610 Quad stand out from the all-in-one crowd.

MSI Wind Top AE2050: Low-Cost All-in-One Falls Behind the Budget Pack

The MSI Wind Top AE2050 delivers compelling features, inexpensively. But several compromises keep it from surpassing its budget-priced peers.

HP Omni 200 Quad: Superspeedy, but Lacking Elsewhere

HP’s latest all-in-one desktop kicks performance into high gear--but where are all the fashionable features?

Maingear F131 Super Stock: Real Power in a Quiet Package

Maingear’s F131 Super Stock clambers to the top of our mainstream chart in a hard-fought battle.

HP 100B All-In-One: Energy-Saving All-in-One Desktop Stumbles on Speed

The HP 100B has a nice, bright screen, but it fails to deliver on performance and features.

Lenovo H320: Slim and Speedy on a Budget

The H320 performs very well for its category, and features Blu-ray and HD support--all for under $700.

Digital Storm Enix: Big on Speed, Not Space

The Enix's selling point is its alluring chassis, but the system also delivers great performance for a (relatively) good price.

Origin Genesis Midtower: Storming The Midrange

Origin's “low-end” Genesis is anything but: traditional mid-range components are joined by a heap of RAM and a pair of Nvidia graphics cards in SLI.

Dell Vostro 460: Business PC Is All Work and No Play

The Dell Vostro 460 offers great general performance, but its reliance on integrated graphics may limit its flexibility.

Digital Storm's Enix is Big on Power, Small in Size

Using a vertically mounted Mini-ATX format motherboard, Digital Storm's overclocked Enix gaming PC features top performance in a small footprint.