Don't-Miss Desktop Stories


This app allows you to tether your Android phone and use its data connection to get your computer online.


Acer AZ5700-U2112: A Big Screen All-in-One for Small Budgets

Acer’s 23-inch AZ5700-U2112 offers speed and an attractive touch-friendly display, without breaking the bank.

HP Pavilion p6540f: A Solid Budget Machine With Ample Storage

HP's p6540f is a great PC for the everyday user--but if you're planning to upgrade or play games, look elsewhere.

AVADirect Custom Gaming PC: Power In Spades, But Lacking Grace

A deafening chassis and stiff competition makes things tricky for AVADirect’s versatile Performance PC.

Google Maps

Google Maps for Android is quite simply one of the most useful programs ever offered on any platform.


Epicurious Recipe App

Regrettably, this cooking-assistant app seems a little half-baked.


Lenovo IdeaCentre C315: Budget Beauty Lacks Brawn

This 20-inch all-in-one desktop has great visual appeal, but identically priced all-in-ones deliver a stronger overall package.

Lenovo ThinkCentre M90p: Bite-Size Business Machine

Speedy performance is the name of the game for Lenovo's slim M90p, but the competition brings more muscle for less.

Lenovo ThinkStation E20: Strong Performer, but Business-PC Caveats Apply

Although the ThinkStation E20 is a solid desktop PC, it fails to unseat its business-class competition.

Wifi Analyzer

This tool is useful for home-network troubleshooting, as well as for finding open networks on the road.



This app allows you to discover new places, download coupons, and share your location with selected friends, but it has a few rough edges.


The Best (and Worst) PC Movie and TV Services

We evaluate eight ways to turn your computer into an on-demand video entertainment center, including Amazon, Clicker, Hulu, iTunes, and more.


Gateway FX6803: PC With a Fast Foundation Needs a Little Interior Decorating

Although the FX6803 doesn’t offer the best scores in the category, this speedy performance PC boasts an impressive price point.