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This low-profile performance machine is really, really fast.

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There isn't much that the speedy Erebus GT desktop PC can’t do--in fact, we can hardly think of a thing.

Digital Storm ODE Level 4 Review: Sleek Performer, Steep Price Tag

Digital Storm’s ODE Level 4 desktop PC offers blistering speed, but doesn’t come cheap.

Top 10 Performance Desktop PCs

Intel's Sandy Bridge processors are still the popular kids on the block, but the new Sandy Bridge Extreme Edition has arrived, taking top honors on our performance PC benchmarks.

7 Great All-in-One Desktop PCs

All-in-one PCs are zippy, stylish, and just plain practical. Here's why your next PC probably won't be a tower.

Free and Cheap Software for Benchmarking Like a Pro

Gaming rigs and data-crunching workhorses alike need to be in top condition. Find out how your computer performs on intense, system-slamming tasks with these benchmarking programs.

HP TouchSmart 7320: A Ho-Hum Budget All-in-One

The TouchSmart 7320 is functional, and performance is decent. But it fails to stand out.

Acer AX1930-UR10P: Boring, but Fast

You can’t expect a miracle from a $500 budget PC; this Acer machine couples a cookie-cutter design with solid speeds.

V3 Salvo 3D: A Good Deal for Gamers

This inexpensive PC packs a wallop on games, but nongamers can do better for less.

HP Omni 220 Quad Review: Fast, Affordable, Homely

The HP Omni 220 is a definite improvement over its predecessor: It's quicker, it has a better graphics card, and it includes a Blu-ray player.

Samsung Series 7 All-in-One: A Fresh Face

Samsung's first foray into the all-in-one desktop market has some cool features, but it's far from perfect.

HP Omni 27 Review: Big Things in a Big Package

If you're looking for a big, beautiful all-in-one that's not a Mac, the HP Omni 27 is a very attractive choice.

HP HPE Phoenix h9 Series: Small Tower Packs a Punch

Performance machines aren't usually known for their slim, svelte towers--but the HPE Phoenix h9 fits a lot of power into a very small case.