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2011 Innovations Awards Honorees: Home Entertainment

Looking to transform your home into an entertainment multiplex? Get to know some of the best HDTVs, games, media streamers, home-networking products, and entertainment gear that earned high honors in the 2011 CES Innovations Awards.


2011 CES Best of Innovations Honorees

Take a look at some of the most innovative tech of the year--and the most innovative tech of the near future. Here are the 2011 Best of Innovations honorees.



Unresponsive trackball and virtual joystick controls make for a frustrating gaming experience.

on Mobile

This app will keep you updated with news about the World Cup soccer games, but it offers no audio or video coverage.


Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 Wireless

Klipsch’s venerable ProMedia 2.1 speaker system has been around for nearly a decade, and has a deserved reputation for being one of the better...

Altec Lansing InMotion Classic and Compact

Altec Lansing sells an ever-growing range of iPhone and iPod speaker docks. The two I've had an opportunity to test most recently--the inMotion Classic and the...

The HP 200 All-in-One PC: Great for Video in Small Spaces

The HP 200 All-in-One PC's standout feature is its bright and attractive 1080p high-def screen.


IHome IA5

Sleep may be one of our most basic needs, but how much do you really think about it? The iHome iA5 alarm clock and its software partner, the iHome+Sleep iPhone...

The Acer Aspire Revo AR3610 Tiny PC Is Perfect for Living Room Multimedia

If you want to add a PC that can stream video from Hulu or Netflix to your HDTV, look no further than Acer's small Aspire Revo AR3610.


Gateway's ZX4800 All-in-One PC: A Solid Family Media Center

Gateway's $750 ZX4800 all-in-one PC has decent specs, a snappy multi-touch 20-inch screen, and a wireless mouse and keyboard.

Epson PictureMate Show Combines a Photo Printer with a Digital Frame

The Epson PictureMate Show is a combination snapshot printer and digital frame.


Favi PJM-1000

The plain-vanilla Favi PJM-1000 pico projector uses liquid crystal on silicon (LCoS) projection technology. Though this projector's features are limited, it can...

Ray Displays Ray

The Ray, a liquid crystal on silicon (LCoS) pico projector from Ray Designs, features 10 lumens of brightness, a 20,000-hour LED light source, VGA resolution, a...