Don't-Miss Display Stories

Asus VH236H 23-Inch Widescreen LCD Monitor

This budget 23-inch widescreen LCD has solid image quality and useful ports, but surprisingly no USB-in.

Mini IPod Speakers Roundup

There are times when instead of using headphones, you want your music--or your audiobook, podcast, or movie audio--to fill the air in your general vicinity. For...

The Best Digital Photo Frames to Showcase Your Pictures

These days, digital photo frames do a lot more than simply showcase your memories. The best frames can do everything from music playback to Internet content streaming--and look great in any home.


HP 2009m LCD Widescreen Monitor

This reasonably-priced 20-inch widescreen LCD showed good image quality.

Lenovo L215p LCD Widescreen Monitor

This reasonably-priced display comes primed for HD content.

DLO IBoom and Ewoo EFizz

The iPod-accessory landscape is littered with speakers of all shapes and sizes, forcing vendors to work harder to distinguish...

NEC MultiSync P221w

Attractive and well-designed, this professional display offers fantastic image quality. But it also comes at a very high price.

Dell G2210t

The Dell G2210t 22-inch widescreen monitor is designed for the times: it's both affordable and green-minded.

HP LP2275w

This 22-inch widescreen display offers sharp text and bright colors, but its price is a bit higher than the competition.

ViewSonic FuHzion VX2265wm

This 22-inch display differentiates itself with the ability to render 3D images.

This Week's Best Tech Bargains

In the market for a Bluetooth headset? A new display? Or an MP3 player? We'll show you where to find the best deals.


Dual-Screen Laptops from Lenovo and Fujitsu

Both Lenovo and Fujitsu have recently developed laptops with secondary screens, but each has a very different approach.

Share Peripherals Between Laptops and Desktops

KVM switches let you share peripherals between your laptop and desktop (or another computer).