Don't-Miss Display Stories

HP 2009m LCD Widescreen Monitor

This reasonably-priced 20-inch widescreen LCD showed good image quality.

Lenovo L215p LCD Widescreen Monitor

This reasonably-priced display comes primed for HD content.

DLO IBoom and Ewoo EFizz

The iPod-accessory landscape is littered with speakers of all shapes and sizes, forcing vendors to work harder to distinguish...

ViewSonic FuHzion VX2265wm

This 22-inch display differentiates itself with the ability to render 3D images.

Dell G2210t

The Dell G2210t 22-inch widescreen monitor is designed for the times: it's both affordable and green-minded.

HP LP2275w

This 22-inch widescreen display offers sharp text and bright colors, but its price is a bit higher than the competition.

NEC MultiSync P221w

Attractive and well-designed, this professional display offers fantastic image quality. But it also comes at a very high price.

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Dual-Screen Laptops from Lenovo and Fujitsu

Both Lenovo and Fujitsu have recently developed laptops with secondary screens, but each has a very different approach.

Share Peripherals Between Laptops and Desktops

KVM switches let you share peripherals between your laptop and desktop (or another computer).

NeatReceipts for Mac

I've got a box full of receipts: some business-related, some personal, some from the doctor's office, others from the local...

Tivoli Audio NetWorks Stereo Radio With FM

Tivoli Audio, makers of some of our favorite portable radio and iPod speaker systems, has taken the next logical step in...

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Apple LED Cinema Display

Apple's new LED Cinema Display is the company's first display designed specifically for use with its laptop line.

8 Best Buys for Essential Gear

Here's what to buy among the gear everybody needs, from laptops and desktops to HDTVs.