Don't-Miss Gadget Stories

Which Android Smartphone is Right for You?

There's a huge number of Android phones on the market, but how can you know which one is right for you? Smartphone expert Ginny Mies takes a look at five of the most popular models.


Canon's PowerShot S90 and SD4000 IS Point-and-Shoot Cameras Raise the Bar

Canon's PowerShot S90 is the best shirt-pocket compact we've ever used. The less expensive PowerShot SD4000 IS is an everyday point-and-shoot camera with great picture quality.


IPad Copter Fun to Fly, Steep Learning Curve

The AR.Drone from France-based Parrot is an exciting, fun-to-fly, four-rotor helicopter that can be piloted over Wi-Fi by an iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone. But...

Motorola's Droid 2 Needs a Better User Interface and Camera

While the Motorola Droid 2 ships with latest version of Android and has an improved design, the phone's proprietary Motoblur interface gets in the way of a few native Android apps. Also, the camera is mediocre.


BlackBerry Torch Will Please RIM Fans, But Few Others

The BlackBerry Torch 9800, running the new BlackBerry 6 OS, may have a revamped user interface, but is it good enough in a competitive smartphone market?


The Anybots Robot Can Attend Meetings For You

The Anybots robot functions as a seeing and hearing personal avatar that can roll around the office as you operate it through a Web browser from your home.

Garminfone Skillfully Integrates Navigation Into an Android Phone

Garmin's GPS-equipped handset does a great job of combining navigation and phone features.


Kids Review Kids' Tech

We turned kids loose on the children's version of e-readers, laptops, digital cameras, cell phones, and gaming handhelds. Here's what they really thought of them. (Hint: 'I wish it had a touchscreen!')


A Closer Look at Smartphone "Death Grips"

We decided to test Apple's claims about "death grips" by taking a handful of smartphones to a location with poor service and seeing if we could duplicate their claims about the problem being industry-wide.


Google Goggles

This ambitious Augmented Reality search app can be very useful when used within its limitations.

Samsung's New Android Phones: The Vibrant and The Captivate

Samsung releases two sparkling Android smartphones that are almost identical: The Vibrant on T-Mobile and the Captivate on AT&T.


Wapedia: Mobile Wikis

If you have an Android phone and need a Wikipedia browsing app, then Wapedia by Taptu may be the right choice.


ReQall advertises itself as a voice-enabled, location-aware To-do app on steroids; however it disappoints with an awkward, complex user interface that lacks key functionality.