Don't-Miss Gadget Stories

The Baseball-Robot All-Star Team

PhillieBot isn't the only baseball-playing robot out there, and we're not even sure if it can hit. Here's how we'd pencil in our starting lineup of real-world baseball bots.


Microsoft Streets and Trips 2011 Edition: Easy Multiple-Destination Trip Planning

Destination prioritization tool works well, but the software does little new beyond refresh its maps.

RIM's BlackBerry PlayBook Is a Study in Contrasts

While we're impressed by the PlayBook's convenient size and novel navigation, we found the tablet’s sometimes primitive native software and selection of apps frustrating.


Acer's Iconia Dual-Screen Laptop

The Acer Iconia is a $1,200 all-purpose laptop that’s being marketed as a “touchbook” due to its dual 14” touchscreen displays.


LG Thrill for AT&T: First Look

The Thrill is slick and speedy, but 3D still feels gimmicky. See what else we thought in our initial hands-on.


Nintendo 3DS Takes No-Glasses 3D Mainstream

Nintendo's new 3D handheld delivers authentic no-glasses 3D, adds a library of lifestyle features in the bargain.

Alcohol and Gadgets: A Great Combination (Sometimes)

Take a look at these places where tech intersects with alcohol. You won't want to miss the robots who pour or the camera flask, among others. And how about the interactive vodka?

Who Pays the Most for Old Gadgets and Tech: The Best Buyback Programs

We evaluate eight buyback and trade-in programs to determine which ones give the best prices for older smartphones, HDTVs, laptops, and more.

Gadgets in Disguise for Your Desk

A little camouflage can make ordinary things a lot more intriguing. We found eight interesting and useful gadgets that are not exactly what they appear to be.

Hands On with the iPad 2

Apple CEO Steve Jobs emerged from medical leave today to officially announce the iPad 2. At the end of the announcement, Macworld Editorial Director Jason Snell had a chance to play with the device for the first time.


Up Close With Google's Android 3.0 Honeycomb

We take you on a visual tour of the new Honeycomb interface, including the Web browser, image gallery, music player, and Google Books.


Best Bags to Hold Your Tech Gadgets Safely and Efficiently

Having one gadget bag to support all of your tech gear makes traveling a breeze and organization even easier. We stuffed bags from Airbak, Alchemy, Crumpler, Osprey Packs, and Tumi full of gadgets and evaluated them.


E-Ink Watch: Loved by Geeks, Shunned by Normals

Want to fly the Nerd Flag on your wrist? Check out the Phosphor World Time watch.