Don't-Miss Input device Stories

The 10 Worst PC Keyboards of All Time

Missing keys. Misplaced keys. Misshapen keys. These computers made typing confusing and uncomfortable--and sometimes nearly impossible. Aren't you glad you're not using any of them today?

Wear Your Game

We demo Vuzix's iWear VR920 gaming glasses.

Phraze-It Eases Mobile Data Entry

A soft keyboard designed to speed up mobile typing.


Pimp Your Mouse

Three cool mice to get you back in style.

A Brief History of Game Consoles, as Seen in Old TV Ads

From Atari's PONG to the Sony PlayStation 3--we laugh, we cringe, we reminisce.

Sony PlayStation 3

Expensive for a game console, but a great bargain for a console plus a Blu-ray Disc player, the PS3 is worth the wait.

Superthin Casio Projector Offers High-Quality Images

Casio's Cassiopeia Pro Super Slim XJ-S35 produces bright, sharp results.


Projectors for Everyone

Yes, you can buy a high-quality, high-resolution projector for under $1000. Our test results will help you choose a model that's just right for your office or home.


Mitsubishi XD460U

The powerful XD460U's outstanding color quality makes it an ideal crossover projector for both office and home use.


Extras Boost Epson's Projector/DVD Combo

The bulky MovieMate 25 outshines strong competition.


Recycle Your Hard Drive

TrayDock lets you turn an old internal drive into an external one perfect for backups.