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Casual Friday: 17 Sweet Smart-Phone Tweaks and Games

Hack your phone, play some great games on the go, and, oh yeah, try a couple useful apps as well.


The Pen of the Future

Senior Editor Tim Moynihan finally gets what he's been waiting for: A digital pen!


Casual Friday: GTA Bore

You may have heard of this game: Grand Theft...Auto...something. Plus we score you a couple free GTA games and take a spin with Mario's new ride.

Iogear Mobile Digital Scribe Pen

The $130 Mobile Digital Scribe is pricey and needs better bundled software, but it's fun to use.

NEC NP100 Portable Projector

The affordable NEC NP100 portable projector provides bright images for both business and home-entertainment users.


Casual Friday: MTV's Virtual Music Scene

This week we play entire albums in Rock Band and cruise New York's virtual Lower East Side, then score you some sweet DS deals (while supplies last).

Western Digital WD VelociRaptor Internal Hard Drive

Western Digital's 10,000-rpm, 300GB high-performance hard drive chomps through the competition.

Casual Friday: Gran Turismo Edition

Take a Gran Turismo 5 test drive, make some hard turns with new hardware, and check out the hardest (and easiest) games you'll ever play.

Weird Stuff: Bug Tech

A gaggle of creepy-crawly gadgets that'd make great gifts for any budding entomologists.

Casual Friday: BD-Live Goes Live

This week we check out the first BD-Live disc to see what the big deal is, and then we go game-mod crazy.


Casual Friday: Freaky Free Games (and Music)

This week we find more free games, turn you on to some new music, and get a major art attack in some sweet online art galleries.

Weird Stuff: X-Arcade Tankstick

X-Arcade's Tankstick is an arcade-style gaming controller.

Sanyo PLC-XL50 Projector

Business-class projector is a good fit when space is tight, but the cost isn't so small.