Don't-Miss Laptop Stories

Acer Aspire One 522: A Great Netbook for Lightweight Computing

Built on AMD's new Fusion platform for netbooks, the Acer Aspire One 522-BZ897 delivers great battery life and solid multimedia, but flops in computing power.

Fujitsu Lifebook T580: Tablet Computing at a Price

The Lifebook T580 offers Windows 7 Tablet PC capability, but the price is too steep for what you actually get.

Who Pays the Most for Old Gadgets and Tech: The Best Buyback Programs

We evaluate eight buyback and trade-in programs to determine which ones give the best prices for older smartphones, HDTVs, laptops, and more.

The IPad 2

A year ago, nobody had an iPad. Then Apple sold 15 million of them in just nine months, creating a whole new category of technology product. The iPad may have...

AVADirect Clevo P151HM: 15-Inch Gaming Powerhouse Brings DX11 to the Midrange Class

AVADirect’s Clevo P151HM brings a robust GPU and solid gaming performance to the 15-inch category of laptops, but at the cost of added weight and bulk.

Sony VAIO Y Series Is Sleek and Well-Equipped, but a Little Pricey

Sony’s bright pink ultraportable straddles the middle ground between netbook and ultraportable, but costs a little more than it should.

Lenovo ThinkPad X120e: A Superfast Business Netbook

The ThinkPad X120e sets the standard for business-class netbooks.

HP Mini 1103 Netbook: Solid, Old-School

The Mini 1103 offers basic netbook specs and standard performance for business.

Dell XPS 17 3D: Speedy, and in Stereo

Dell updates its XPS 17 laptop with Intel’s latest 32nm CPU and Nvidia stereoscopic 3D, offering speed and visual improvements.

Asus U41JF: Average Performance, Cheap-Looking Case

The U41JF performs pretty well for its category, but the case looks and feels cheap.

Dell Vostro V130: Great Looks, Lackluster Performance

The latest addition to Dell's small-business lineup of laptops is fine for garden-variety multimedia, but its poor battery life and mediocre overall performance disappoint.

Asus N53SV: Fast, but With Weak Input Ergonomics

Great performance and gaming meet sleek design and a weak keyboard.

Micro Express NBL26: Mostly Unremarkable

Micro Express manages to ship a staggeringly average laptop using Intel’s new Sandy Bridge CPUs.