Don't-Miss OS X Stories

Full Mountain Lion Review: Apple Gets its Operating Systems in Sync

Apple's goal isn't copying iOS with OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, but integrating new features into both of its operating systems.

Chrome OS Grows Up

The latest incarnation of Google's Cloud OS works much more like a Windows or OS X machine, though still with some quirks.


Windows 8 vs. Mountain Lion: Which OS Succeeds at Bringing Mobile to the Desktop?

Apple and Microsoft are both trying to bring mobile features to their new desktop operating systems, but their approaches differ greatly.


Desktop Virtualization: Parallels vs. VMware vs. VirtualBox

Virtual machines are the best way to accommodate different application needs in a datacenter environment, but what about the desktop?

Kodiak to Lion: 10 Years of Mac OS X

A look back at the history of Mac OS X, the tenth major version of Apple's operating system and the most critically acclaimed of the bunch.

Smartphone OS Shootout: Android vs. iOS vs. Windows Phone

iOS, Windows Phone, and Android square off in a competition focused on the mobile devices operating systems.


10 Great Error Messages

A good computing day is an error-free day. Unfortunately, those are rarer than we would like. Have you seen any of these funny and original error messages lately?

Top 10 Free Windows 7 Desktop Themes

Take a cue from thousands of PCWorld readers, and try one of these popular downloadable themes. You can decorate your desktop with beautiful high-def images of tropical fish, exotic landscapes, and adorable pets--or just make your PC look like a Commodore 64.

Google CR-48: First Look at the First Chrome OS Laptop

Google’s prototype Chrome OS computer delivers little more than the company’s browser in a box.


Google CR-48: Unboxed and Started Up

Curious about the first laptop to run Chrome OS? We got one today and we'll show you in video what it looks like.


Fast Fixes for Office Annoyances

Frustrated by Office irritations? Follow our quick tips for adjusting settings in Word, Outlook, and more.


Hands-On with Windows Phone 7: Clean, Intuitive, But Missing Key Features

The absence of features like copy/paste, third-party multitasking and Flash support could keep Windows Phone 7 from winning hearts and minds in its uphill battle against Android and Apple.


MeeGo, The New Netbook Linux, Arrives

All-in-all, I rather like MeeGo, silly name and all.