Don't-Miss Phone Stories

Want Siri on Your Android Phone? Try These Apps

The Android Market has lots of Siri-like voice-activated assistant apps (most of them free) that use Google’s excellent voice recognition system. They’re not as slick as Apple’s virtual flunky, but some are worth trying.


Motorola Droid Razr Review: Thin and Fast, but Short on Battery Life

The thin and elegant Motorola Droid Razr is smoking when it comes to data speeds and performance, but the short battery life is a disappointment.


iPhone 4S Battery Life: How Does It Compare to Other Smartphones?

The iPhone 4S's battery life span is high relative to many other phones in our sample, but the Samsung Epic Touch 4G is the clear winner.


Motorola Atrix 2: A High-End Phone With a Lower-End Price

With a dual-core processor and 4G speeds, the $100 Atrix 2 is great for people who want a high-end phone for an affordable price.


6 Great Apps to Help You Manage Your Household

Can't remember what items your family needs from the grocery store or what days the kids' dental appointments fall on? These apps can help you keep everyone in your life on the same page.


Trend Micro Mobile Security Personal Edition for Android Review

In a sea of mobile security apps, Trend Micro’s features put it at the top of the pack.

Motorola Atrix 2 Review: A Smooth Operator With an Average Camera

The Motorola Atrix 2 is a worthy update to the original Atrix phone, but it has a few minor issues.


Nokia Releases First Mango Phones, Crosses Fingers

This week Nokia unveiled their first Windows Phone 7 models, the Lumia 800 and 710. Both run the newest version of Microsoft’s OS, nicknamed Mango. Can they help the company regain the customers it has recently lost?

Phones Worth Breaking Your Contract For

You've signed up for a two-year hitch, but these sweet smartphones might make you rethink your commitment.


Samsung Galaxy S II for T-Mobile: A Superb Phone

The Samsung Galaxy S II for T-Mobile boasts a 1.5-GHz Snapdragon processor, NFC capabilities, and a speedy data plan, making it the strongest Galaxy yet.


iPhone 4S Review (AT&T): A Solid Update

The iPhone 4S might not be the most exciting update, but the improved camera, faster performance, and the addition of Siri make it a top-ranking smartphone.


Smartphone Camera Battle: iPhone 4S vs. the Android Elite

The iPhone 4S offers better camera specs than previous iPhones, but does it capture better-looking stills and videos than the best Android phones? Let’s find out.


Hottest Fall Phones From CTIA 2011

Plenty of exciting phones--from inexpensive Android handsets to gigantic Windows Phone Mango models--appeared at this week's CTIA mobile trade show. Take a look.