Don't-Miss Phone Stories

Best E-Readers

Not all of your reading has to be done with a physical textbook or on a PC.

HTC Status Review: A Phone for Facebook Fanatics

While the Status might not have the most advanced specs, the software and hardware integration with Facebook is very cool.


Motorola Droid 3 Review: Specs Aren’t Everything

The Droid 3 looks great on paper--it's a dual-core phone with an 8-megapixel camera--but its myriad problems leave us feeling blue.


T-Mobile MyTouch 4G Slide Review: Best Phone Camera Ever

The MyTouch 4G Slide has one of the best cameras we've ever tested--and the rest of the phone is pretty amazing as well.


Motorola XPRT: Excellent BlackBerry Alternative

The XPRT has the features and keyboard to please any business or IT professional, but the small display will turn off multimedia junkies.

Samsung SH100: $200 Cam Uses a Phone As a Remote

On many levels, the Samsung SH100 is your average $200 point-and-shoot. But it also has a secret wireless weapon.


Sony's S1 and S2 Innovative Android Tablets: Detailed Look

Here is an up-close peek at Sony’s innovative S1 and S2 tablets for sale later this year.


Acer Revo RL100: Slim Living-Room PC Has a Futuristic Keyboard

Acer's Aspire Revo RL 100 is a $569 desktop that's designed as a media streamer for your living room. With a Blu-Ray player, wireless keyboard, ample RAM, and a roomy hard drive, it's very good for that specific use.


LG Optimus 3D: Fun, Powerful, and a Little Gimmicky

Although we're not entirely sold on 3D technology for mobile devices, the LG Optimus 3D is a fun yet powerful phone--3D or not.


Olympus PEN E-P3: A Small, Jam-Packed DSLR Alternative

The Olympus PEN E-P3 interchangeable-lens camera has a lot of improvements that make it one of the best DSLR alternatives out there: a new sensor, a new image processor, and a new high-speed autofocus system.


HP TouchPad Tablet Isn't Ready for Prime Time

While HP's WebOS has some elegant features, the TouchPad needs some refinement.


Third Eye Android App Review: Slay Vampires With Your Phone

This free Android game combines augmented reality, facial recognition technology with a good old-fashioned RPG storyline.


HTC Evo 3D Review: Dual-Core, 3D Display, 4G Speeds

One of the first 3D Android phones, the Evo 3D is a worthy successor to the Evo 4G.


Windows Phone 7 Mango is a Substantial Upgrade

The new version of Windows Phone 7, code-named Mango, includes substantial improvements to the OS's search capabilities and entertainment options.

Windows Phone 7 'Mango' Hands On

Mango makes finding content, information, and people on your Windows Phone that much easier.