Don't-Miss Book software Stories


Review: Scrivener for Windows lets you write epic novels, office memos

Writing can be scary, even if you don't set out to write a national bestseller. Scrivener makes it more approachable.

Review: Twine lets you easily create interactive "choose your own adventure" stories

Open-source Twine builds on open-source projects Twee and TiddlyWiki to offer a simple, graphical way to author stories that respond to readers' choices.

15 Best iPad Apps for Newbies

Here are 15 iPad apps you probably won't regret downloading and trying out, especially if you just picked up Apple's tablet for the first time.

Dell Streak 7: Solid Design, Mediocre Display

This Android-based tablet sports an elegant design, but it disappoints in many other areas.



Unresponsive trackball and virtual joystick controls make for a frustrating gaming experience.


Amazon Kindle for Android

Kindle for Android provides another way to access and read your purchased Amazon Kindle e-books, but it lacks key features and is awkward to set up.

Sony BDP-S570: Fast and Flexible Blu-ray Player Falls Short on Image Quality

The Sony BDP-S570 looks great on paper, but its on-screen results in our tests were mixed.


HP Mini 210: Inexpensive but Thoroughly Average in Every Way

Nothing particularly impressive nor disappointing distinguishes the HP Mini 210, but the price is right.

The Top 50- to 55-Inch HDTVs

Looking for a big new HDTV for spring? Consider these six PC World-tested TVs.