Don't-Miss Development software Stories

So you want to be a coder! These tools can get you there

Interactive tutorials can provide instant feedback on your work, and turn learning into a fun game. Many are Web-based, and most are free.


Review: Transfer your website's RSS feed from Feedburner to FeedPress

The Internet is abuzz with rumours that Feedburner is next on Google's chopping block. Set up some insurance by redirecting your RSS feed to FeedPress.

Review: Text editor UltraEdit 19 is feature-packed and flexible

UltraEdit keeps living up to its name. It's one of the most feature-rich text editors out there, well-supported, and reasonably priced.

Review: JArchitect analyzes Java code, revealing structures, dependencies, and design flaws

JArchitect provides a wealth of information on your code structure, and offers reports on many code metrics and areas where there are likely design problems. The cost makes it primarily a tool for businesses and commercial developers.

Review: LiveCode Community is open-source HyperCard for the 21st century

LiveCode Community is the latest iteration of RunRev's cross-platform development tool. Inspired by HyperCard, it adds many features and, with the Community platform, a no-cost option.

Review: MarkdownPad makes composing Markdown even easier than usual

With instant preview, custom CSS, and hotkeys for many Markdown features, MarkdownPad makes composing text for the Web easy, simple, and fun.

Review: LyX is an advanced but easy-to-use document processor based on LaTeX typesetting

If you want to control the layout of your documents, LyX can help. It combines the flexibility of LaTeX with a friendly GUI.

Review: Sublime Text 2 is a refined text editor that's a pleasure to use

With its custom interface and text-editor sensibilities, Sublime Text 2 offers a polished editing experience that rewards familiarity with comfort and speed.

Review: Free Editor lets you open and edit over 70 different file types for free

Free Editor is a free program for editing documents, spreadsheets, images, code files, Windows system files and more. Although it feels responsive, some UI issues make it less useful than it should be.

Review: Pencil lets you rough in mockups for mobile apps, websites, and desktop software

Free utility Pencil is handy for iterating through different design ideas for a new app or website. Good thing it's easy to use, too; there's no documentation for the program itself.

Review: PowerShell Plus is a free IDE for PowerShell users

PowerShell Plus is a straightforward, highly functional IDE for PowerShell, now released as uncrippled freeware.

Review: WebStorm 5 IDE provides powerful editing features and instant feedback for Web developers

WebStorm is a sophisticated IDE for JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, and other Web development languages.

CCFinder An Able Helper For Finding Reusable Images Online

Photographers can attach a license to their images to let online viewers know it is OK to reuse them, so this software aims to take the sting out of the work of finding such images.