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These high-tech notebooks and gadgets—plus one piece of software—will help you stay on top of your study game this semester.

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Fire up the new school year with these powerful and essential tools.

Review: NASA's Curiosity App for Windows 8 lets you explore Mars rover in detail

Learn all about NASA's Mars rover using its official Windows 8 app. Sadly, you don't get to drive.


Review: See human anatomy in 3D with Zygote Body

Zygote Body shows 3D simulations of the human body's many systems in glorious detail.

DeepDyve screenshot

Review: DeepDyve works like a low-cost subscription to expensive journals

DeepDyve can bring a true change to professional research with its affordable rentals and free full-text previews.

Review: Notion 4 shatters your musical notation notions

The slickest musical score editor on the planet has new entry tools and a significantly lower price.

Review: Virtual Piggy makes e-commerce child's play

Virtual Piggy is a free service that allows children to shop online safely and securely. It's relatively easy to use, and allows for plenty of parent-child communication, but it's a bit buggy.

Review: LyX is an advanced but easy-to-use document processor based on LaTeX typesetting

If you want to control the layout of your documents, LyX can help. It combines the flexibility of LaTeX with a friendly GUI.

Review: Utopia Documents makes PDF articles easy to explore, not so much to read

Utopia Documents turns every article into a world of information, bringing every piece of relevant online information to your fingertips.

Review: Anki helps you to learn and memorize virtually anything, for free

Using flash cards & spaced repetition, Anki can help you learn and retain information for years. There's an art to using the system, but it doesn't take much to understand how correctly worded flash cards can improve learning.

Review: PlagTracker finds plagiarism (sometimes even when there is none)

PlagTracker promises to detect plagiarism, making life easier for editors and teachers. Unfortunately, this early version also points the finger at innocent passages.

ReadCube: An excellent all-in-one tool for organizing, finding, reading and annotating PDF articles

ReadCube is an all-in-one tool for organizing, finding, reading and annotating PDF articles. Aside from occasional trouble with certain articles, it works very well, especially considering it's still in beta.

Five Free Fonts Make Back-to-School Time Fun and Frugal

Whether you need to jazz up a grad student's book covers, teach a preschooler ABCs, or help a child write clearly, these fonts have you covered. All are free for personal use.

Legacy Family Tree Stretches to Include Large Families...But It's Hard to Use

Catalog detailed information about your extended family with Legacy Family Tree Standard Edition.