Don't-Miss Education software Stories

Free Windows App Pantry Helps You Keep Your Kitchen Well-Stocked

Keep tabs on the contents of your kitchen cupboards with Pantry.

Day Maxi Calc

Super sized calculator with big buttons and a wide display.

CalorieKing Diabetes Log for Palm OS

This Palm program helps insulin-dependent diabetics track and control blood glucose, carbohydrates and insulin.


CalorieKing Diet Diary for Palm OS

This Palm diet diary helps you keep within a daily calorie allowance.


iMacros for Firefox

Automate tasks in Firefox with this macro recorder.

Opera Browser 10 Release Candidate

Surf the Web with a fast, power-packed browser.

Freebie Day Maxi Calc: A Bigger, Beefier Desktop Calculator

Improve accuracy and save time with Day Maxi Calc, a calculator with oversized buttons.

Polyglots, Rejoice: LangOver Lets You Switch Easily Between Keyboard Layouts

Quickly switch between languages and keyboard layouts for text you type with LangOver.

Make Sense of Any Text--In Any Language--With gTranslate Firefox Add-on

With gTranslate installed in your Firefox browser, a quick right-click can automatically translate almost any online text.


Keep tabs on the contents of your kitchen cupboards with this free app.

Weather Watcher Live Watches the Weather--While You Stay Inside

Let Weather Watcher Live tell you the temperature (and other crucial facts) without making you leave the shelter of your cubicle or basement.

Babylon Translation Tool Does a So-So Job

This pricey translation tool that doesn't offer much more than free online services do.

Pocket Wikipedia

Keep Wikipedia with you--even when your Web connection is down.