Don't-Miss Education software Stories

Talking Merriam-Webster English Dictionary

Look up (and pronounce) words without opening a book or browser with this well-designed program.


This free interactive English-German dictionary can be extended to several other languages.

Earthsim TV

Explore a richly detailed planetary simulation, built from NASA data and images.

Prospector Lite

Manage multiple searches and snipe for success with this powerful eBay auction tool.

Aeris Calendar

This desktop calendar includes integrated weather forecasts.

Microsoft WorldWide Telescope

Stroll through the sky with this celestial software.


Track biographical data with this professional tool.

Asynx Planetarium

Ease your way into astronomy with this program's night-by-night star charts.


Manage your money, if you have simple financial needs.

Power To-Do List

Take charge of your to-do list with this easy-to-use task manager.

Gas Mileage Calculator

Calculate your vehicle's fuel efficiency in U.S. and Canadian units.


Easy-to-use personal planner helps keep you organized.


Surf Wikipedia from your older iPod (aren't you glad you didn't get a new one)?