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Cyberlink PowerDVD 14 review: Media playback app has what you need -- almost

PowerDVD 14 has no peer in playing Blu-ray and video, but it's still a tad shy of Cyberlink's espoused goal of making it the only media player you need. There are also some bugs.

13 great PC games with a retro feel

Take a time machine back to when 8-bit platformers and pixelated heroes were king. These games may be new, but they're influenced by a gaming era gone, but never forgotten.

10 great PC games with incredibly steep learning curves

These ten PC games that may require some extra homework on the Wiki and plenty of trial and error thanks to their steep learning curve.

Review: Musique is the simple and beautiful music player you've always dreamed of

Musique is a functional and easy to use music player that will appeal to both beginner and more advanced users. With its basic features and beautiful interface, it will quickly become your go-to place when you want to relax to some music.

Streaming music showdown: Xbox Music versus the world

Which streaming music service reigns supreme? We pit Xbox Music Pass against Pandora, Rdio, Slacker, and Spotify in an epic battle for the mic.


SportsSynch makes syncing radio and TV broadcasts easy

Synchronize local radio broadcasts with the picture on your TV using this handy audio delay utility.

MobileGo Pro offers easy Android management

Wondershare's MobileGo Pro for Android utility offers an easy way to manage the contents of your Android device. The $40 price tag is a bit steep, but may be worth it if you want a seamless Android experience.


Startrails Helps You Make Images of a Night's Worth of Sky

With Startrails donationware, you can create videos or still images of star-trails.

Free Media Player VLC 2.0.2 Plays Almost Any Video File

VLC has a slightly clunky default interface, but its ability to play virtually any file type without external codecs and cornucopia of controls makes it a must-have download

Best Apps of 2012: Top Entertainment Apps for Android and iPhone

With, Tweetbot, and other just-for-fun apps, you can stay entertained wherever you are.


SoundBest Audio May Improve Music Playback

SoundBest attempts to optimize the sound on your system via an interactive listening test...but the results may not impress you.

Bring Disapproval to Your Desktop With "These Pets Disapprove" Win7 Themepack

The disapproving pets Internet meme inspired this themepack, but no one expects you to like it. These animals certainly don't.

Build Virtual Lego Constructions With LDraw

LDraw is a suite of free applications for designing and viewing LEGO models.