Don't-Miss Game Stories

Relive a Gaming Classic With Dungeon Master Java

Before I took an arrow to the knee, I was a Dungeon Master.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Review

The second Final Fantasy game to get a direct sequel, XIII-2 continues right where the end of the first game left off. It's an epic, top quality RPG that showcases what Square-Enix does best and ameliorates a lot of problems that the last game had. Unfortunately, it adds a few new ones all its own.

The 12 Greatest PC Shareware Games of All Time

From the birth of Duke Nukem to the first great digital pinball game, here are a dozen classics from the shareware era.


Fun and Funny Game Dungeons of Dredmor Is Worth a Crawl

Dungeons of Dredmor adds graphics and whimsy to the roguelike genre of games.

Play Angry Birds Chrome in Your PC's Web Browser

Why waste your phone's batteries when you can play Angry Birds on your browser?

Fraps: Real-World Gaming Benchmark

Why go with synthetic benchmarks when Fraps can give you real-world results?

Super Mario Bros. Crossover

Super Mario Bros Crossover lets you play the game the way you remember it, but with the option to add characters you might not expect to see.

Free Online Casual Game Entanglement Will Ensnare You

Entanglement's premise--create the longest line possible--sure sounds simple, but this addictive game turns it into quite a challenge.

Unigine Heaven DX11 Benchmark Is Beautiful, Free, and (to Gamers) Useful

Justify your gaming obsession with a little slice of Heaven.

10 Tech Holiday Gifts You Didn't Get, But Wish You Had

From slim smartphones to massive TVs, here's the tech that didn't arrive by reindeer express this year.


Solve a Christmas Eve Crisis Over the Holidays

Help Santa recover from a sleigh accident and make his deliveries in time in this free game.

MadCatz Cyborg RAT 7 Albino Review: A Fully Adjustable Gaming Mouse

The MadCatz Cyborg RAT 7 Albino is a full-featured, physically tweakable gaming mouse that you can alter to your exact preference.

Dominate the Galaxy in Star Ruler Game

Star Ruler is a graphically beautiful 4X game with RTS elements.