Don't-Miss Game Stories

Plants vs Zombies 2 review: Sticks to its roots, but paywall leaves us feeling dead inside

Plants vs Zombies 2 has more plants, more zombies, and more ways to make you pay.


Rapid Review: Sphero 2.0

The second iteration of the friendly little robot ball is faster, brighter, and more fun all around.

Slender: The Arrival screenshot

Review: Slender: The Arrival expands on the original, but it's still not enough

Varied environments and added game mechanics help, but horror game Slender: The Arrival still comes up a bit short.

Raptr post-game summary screenshot

Review: Raptr Desktop App makes gaming social

Raptr is a social network and tool for gamers to organize their library, compete against their friends, and stream their games. It now integrates with Twitch to let you stream video of your games.

HP Envy 700-030qe review: It's the components that matter

HP makes some good component choices for the Envy 700-030qe, but the overall package is somewhat imperfect.

Slender The Eight Pages screenshot

Review: The gaming is thin in free survival horror Slender: The Eight Pages

Running from urban legend Slenderman is creepy fun, but threadbare gameplay limits this game's long-term appeal. It's an excellent proof-of-concept, though, and it's free.

Review: Batten down the hatches and man the.... railgun? in Leviathan Warships

Leviathan: Warships is the core of an excellent game, with a lot of small annoyances dragging it down.

Review: Nudge and tweak fate to pull off the perfect dinner in Save the Date

Attempt to take a friend out for the perfect dinner in Save the Date as the unexpected and unusual crop up with every playthrough.

Review: Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon will win your heart, offer it as a dragon snack

In story, mechanics, and campy comedy, Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon a lesson on DLC done right. It puts a new spin on the tried-and-true gameplay, but switches up the setting and adds hilarity.

Review: Evoland compresses three decades of video game history into one game

Evoland's central gimmick of gradually unlocking features and tropes is compelling and fun. However, the underlying game could be deeper.

Trucker, mayor, space cowboy: Five sim games that let you live out your dreams

Whether you enjoy controlling the fates of countless Sims or driving a truck across Europe, you can be sure there's an excellent simulator out there in which to hone your skills.

Review: Zombies!!! makes for gruesome Windows 8 gaming fun

Based on a board game, Windows 8 game Zombies!!! is fun and cartoony. Although up to four can play at once, it's bloody enough that it's not a good choice for a family barbecue (depending on the family).

Review: Pilot a fighter spaceship and flying robot in Strike Suit Zero sim

Space combat sim Strike Suit Zero lets you transform your fighter ship into a giant space robot. If you've been watching Pacific Rim trailers obsessively, this is the game for you.

Review: FreeSpace 2 sim launches you into space

Highly acclaimed, heavily moddable FreeSpace 2 is a sim game that deserved a better reality. At least it's still available and inexpensive.