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Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault review

Full Frontal Assault combines traditional Ratchet & Clank gameplay with tower defense strategy.

Review: Orcs Must Die! tower defense game delivers fun on a budget

Tower defense gets new twists and excitement with the first Orcs Must Die game. It's a bargain at $10—and if you like it, you might like its sequel, too.

Review: Torchlight II action RPG is what Diablo III should be

Runic's second foray into adventure RPGs builds on the success of the first Torchlight with new classes and multiplayer options.

Best Products of 2012: Entertainment

PCWorld's editors select the best tech-related entertainment products of 2012.


Review: World of Tanks has good graphics, just enough physics

World of Tanks offers a fun gaming experience that can range from the casual to the obsessive. Its frequent updates and moddability keep it fresh.

Best Products of 2012: PCs, Ultrabooks, and Hybrids

PCWorld editors select the best systems—desktops, laptops, and hybrid portables—of 2012.

Keep it casual: 15 best Windows 8 gaming apps

Whether you're riding a bus or taking a breather between business meetings, these Windows 8 gaming apps are perfect for blowing off a little steam.

Requiem for a game: Quirky MMO Glitch to close

Glitch walks the balance between naughty and cute, funny and sweet, personal and world-spanning. This hard-to-describe game only briefly left invitation-only beta, and didn't build the audience it needed to survive. It will close December 9.

Review: Get extraterrestrial in Natural Selection 2

The original Half-Life mod is back with it's own game engine after 10 years. Does it stand the test of time?

Review: Halo 4 will make you hail the new Chief

343 Industries' first foray into the Halo canon hits home in fantastic form.

Review: Fantasy Grounds II meets your virtual tabletop gaming needs

Feature-rich Fantasy Grounds II helps you bring a tabletop gaming group together, no matter how far apart you are. The steep price takes a commitment worthy of a tenth-level paladin.

Review: The Unfinished Swan will make you paint the world back in black

The Unfinished Swan breathes new life into my sense of discovery.


Review: DayZ turns frustrating military game into top-notch survival horror

In this excellent free mod, Arma II becomes the underpinning for zombie apocalypse. Staying alive when surrounded by the undead has never been so painfully realistic.