Don't-Miss Game Stories

Review: Bastion for Chrome plays just like the riveting original

Bastion for Chrome shows Native Client's bright future. It plays just like the original adventure RPG, which was one of the most lauded games of 2011 .

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Review: Terrifying, brutish, and brilliant

Firaxis streamlines a classic tactical strategy game without losing any of the challenge, complexity, or terror of the original.

x360ce: Free software lets you use old controllers for newer PC games

The free and open source x360ce project was designed to address the problems of using a classic controller for PC gaming. Doing the job Microsoft should have done, x360ce intercepts and translates XInput calls so DirectInput controllers can understand them.

DOSBox: Free, open-source DOS emulation

The DOSBox emulator lets you run your DOS games and software again. It's free and open source, so you won't have to pay just to use programs you already own.

C64 Forever: Relive the golden days of the Commodore 64 without the hardware headaches

The Commodore 64 was the Model T of home computers. This emulator takes you back to that day without making you buy extra hardware.

FTL is a strategy game for lovers of hard sci-fi

FTL is a semi-randomized strategy game funded by Kickstarter that lets you live out your space captain fantasies, die horribly, and try again.

Fast, fun, and free: Racing games for your PC

Enjoy some seriously adrenaline-drenched automotive action, safely and for free. Download these five excellent racing game (or play online) and speed to your heart's content.

5 indie PC games that ripple with retro intrigue

Not enough computer games involve moustaches, particle physics, and bright pink caves. Curious? Here are 5 you must check out.

Take realistic Driving Speed 2 racing game for a spin

Watch your car take its lumps (and bumps and dents) in Driving Speed 2, an entertaining but often challenging racing game.

Buckle up for free racing game Dolphinity Racer

A heavy emphasis on realistic physics and graphics makes racing simulator Dolphinity Racer a challenging drive.

Pit Yourself Against International Racers in Need for Speed World

Massively-multiplayer online racing game Need for Speed World's basic gameplay is free, but extra cars cost money.

God Game From Dust Lives Again as Chrome Web Store Centerpiece

Last year's most talked-about God game returns slick, shiny and Chrome-plated—but in the same PC port that made it notorious.

Alienware M14x Review: An Ultraportable Gaming Powerhouse

It may be twice as heavy as laptops of similar size, but its gaming performance is twice as awesome.